Biogon ZM25 or CV Skopar 25 users

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dead eyes open
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Re: Biogon ZM25 or CV Skopar 25 users

Hi Jeff,

I can't speak for the ZM25, but I have had the CV25 and I found it adequate at best on the A7 and pretty much unsuitable on the A7r. Vignetting wasn't that much of a problem, although it was certainly evident, the colour fringing was quite bad.

I've since sold both the CV21, which was more problematic, and the CV25. I replaced them with the CV21 Ultron which is simply amazing, corner sharpness, flatness of field and no colour fringing! Mind you, this does come at a higher price and more heft. It balances nicely on the A7r and I'd imagine would be fairly close in price to the ZM25?!

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