If you could only choose one: SEL50 or Sigma 60mm?

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Re: If you could only choose one: SEL50 or Sigma 60mm?

I tested both focal lengths and decided on the Sigma 60mm

NEX 6, Sigma 60mm f/2.8 @f/4

100% Crop  Resolution like this will make prints sing

. It's great for portraits. Very creamy backgrounds with razor sharpness gives a 3-D effect. I read people like the 50mm better for isolation. I say you need to get closer to your subject. I shoot head and shoulder portraits at f/4-f/5.6. I fill the frame with the subject and the image is super sharp and the bkg is soft and buttery. When you go to make big prints, having that level of image quality WILL make a difference. Fill the frame with a portrait with the 50mm and the nose grows and you have to stop down anyway due to the razor thin DOF.

It really depends what you want to shoot. For portraits I prefer the Sigma 60mm all day.

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