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So what crop factor will medium format have when it hits the popular public use trail? Or will users of medium format just read the focal length of their lenses of the the lens body and happily compare this to the focal length of everything else which is at present related back to 135 film standards on pretty well every lens in the pack.

A FF sensor is 36x24mm

The sensor in the Pentax 645D is 44x33mm

If you do the math, this means the medium format Pentax has a crop factor of 0.59.

Sensor diagonals are 55mm vs 43.27mm, so the crop factor of 645D is 0.787x.

Yes, well whether it is 0.59 or 0.787 I am willing to be guided.  I am not about to rush out and buy medium format lenses for my M4/3 camera although they might make more sense on a FF sensor camera version. Not as many Medium Format (MFormat) capable lenses about but I suspect that most of them are good ones - not too many "kit" MFormat lenses made?  But the general level of debate on this thread seems to be about having another free kick at this hapless "instructor" who may have misinterpreted a pupil's response and did not have the wit to figure out a meeting of the minds and sort out the technical differences.  Effectively if different parties to the debate are talking about subtle technical differences and refusing to try and find the common ground then the debate might rage forever.

My point is that I knew that MFormat lenses would have to have a crop adjustment but did not know by how much.  We have another argument brewing already  on just what that factor might be.  And yet I would hazard a guess that few of the experts on the fact the the M4/3 has the "hopeless" crop factor of 2x for 135 format capable lenses few would have any idea whatsoever on what the crop factor from MFormat might be.  Add to the confusion the fact that MFormat lenses usually have focal length markings (like every other format) set to their particular format, but unlike the 135 film format there is no ready-reckoner for equivalence to anything else.

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