1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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jtra wrote:

Lens sharpness is too overated.


Especially at apertures like f/1.4 at or near image corner where most of the image is usually out of focus

Bingo!  This lens was not designed by Nikon to be a landscape lens.  SLR Gear says that its corners are not sharp at any aperture.

It was obviously designed to be the amazing artistic lens that it is proving to be.  Apparently, a lens can't have everything in one package.  So what do you want?

Sure, a bit sharper wide-open would be nice, but there must have been a design trade-off that Nikon had to make that they felt was more important in order to maintain their design objectives, as opposed to a bitingly sharp lens at f/1.4.

- which also means that how out of focus looks (bokeh) is quite important. Nice background bokeh is often produced by undercorrected spherical aberration and that one is enemy of sharpness. See more in my page on bokeh:

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