Why no lens uniformity?

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Re: Lens classes are as follow

DonSC wrote:

thomasw333 wrote:

They used to have HG and SHG glass. But I do not see any naming scheme for the MFT lenses, except the new Pro lens.

Pro lens is high quality and Weather Sealed I guess. I wish it was clearer.

M.ZUIKO; M.ZUIKO PREMIUM; M.ZUIKO PRO. http://www.olympus-imaging.co.in/products/dslr/mlenses/

I think the difference between Premium and Pro is the sealing, as you suggest.

Thanks for the link. This is good info that people can use. Now we can see exactly how Olympus classifies their lenses. I suppose it is a fault of mine, being too lazy to do a simple search and instead using the forum as an information hub.

Though they do not put the word premium anywhere on their lenses, I have the 17MM f1.8 and I have checked.

So premium to Olympus is good glass and wide apertures.

"The high-image quality fixed focal length lens series features sharpness and enjoyable soft defocusing effects."

But still, looking at the 12, 17, 25, and 45, it is strange to me that these four lenses do not have the same construction and features, 2 metal, 2 plastic. I prefer the plastic body and the ability to use bayonet mounted hoods. The manual focus ring is fine with me, but I would not be mad if they did not have it.

It just seems like they (Olympus) would have had a meeting and said, "hey we are starting fresh here, lets make our lens with X features and make them uniform."

Anyway, I am just here trying to have a conversation about things, this is a forum. It is sad when so many people post pointless, or worse disparaging comments about others. I do not understand when people comment about a persons parents, or how a person lacks education etc, why they waste time in doing so.

But I have to admit that I was angry earlier and took my own comments too far. I try and comment only when it makes sense, and can add some meaning to the conversation. I also try to ignore people who make wasteful comments. In short I try to keep my posting on point.

Some people can be so picky about details. But that seems to be the nature of forums, and I will try in the future to be more precise, hopefully not running over into the side of obnoxiousness.

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Lets promote calm rational arguments.

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