ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

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Re: ZS40/TZ60 vs the competition

MarioV wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

MarioV wrote:

Nice work, Ian. Thanks for posting the specs comparison.

As an owner of a HX50, if the HX60 has similar IQ then its off the list. It has very nice video, but the IQ is too hit and miss (noise and smear).

The TZ60 has raw which is a big plus. I'm waiting to see more photo/video samples from it. The ones so far have been good. This could be the one.

I'm also interested in the SX700. If Canon has sorted out its battery life indicator issues in 1080p60 video, then its going to depend on its photo/video quality compared to TZ60.

For sheer pocketability, in any pocket, I'm also keeping an eye on the Sony WX350. There's every chance its IQ is going to be disappointing.. nice that it does 1080p60 video though.

Mario, I could be wrong ( !- ), but it almost sounds to me like you are shooting in some "auto" mode which stops your lens down to random sizes. "(noise and smear)"

Try shooting in "Aperture" mode if your camera has it, and keep the aperture at it's widest setting - stopping down with small-sensor cameras quickly gets into "smear" territory due to diffraction.

Hi Erik. Unfortunately, its simply a noisy sensor with far too many pixels crammed in. For good photos, it works best in good lighting and relatively close subjects. Stray from that, and you're looking at PP/denoising and/or resizing.

Hi, Mario,

No indication if you have tried maximum aperture width - ƒ 3.3 on the ZS series, small sensor cameras respond differently from your dSLR cameras, with the requisite extremely short focal lengths at wide angle settings, the apertres are always on the edge of diffraction limits. Must be kept wide open.

Doesn't have much to do with how many pixils are "crammed in"

For good exposures, of COURSE it works best in good light - that's what cameras DO, but not a whole lot of light is necessary.

Althoug good outdoor light works fine, too.

From your neck of the woods - TZ5, an earlier "ZS Version" Belladonia Roadhouse, WA:

Terrible stuff, I know, but I like it, particularly since my camera is in my pocket 24/7 & kicks the Leicas I carried for 50 some years out of the ring.

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