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Re: LVF2 stabilization

tedandtricia wrote: I just joined the LVF2 crowd too. Being able to stabilize the camera against your face really helps to get more stable shots. Adds stability to an already stabilized lens. I snapped a few test shots at night under street lights w/o even really trying that hard and was impressed with how sharp the photos came out.

I'm not wedded to the visual angle of using a viewfinder per se, but I love the extra stabilization. Opens up more low light options for me. -- Ted http://www.flickr.com/photos/tedchang/

Agreed, Ted. I seem to take a lot of handheld photos in dimly lit buildings - churches, mosques, museums, etc - where flash is not permitted, would be lost in the vast space, or would be rudely intrusive.

The alternative to eye-level composing is a small tabletop tripod  to steady the camera against any firm item - wall, lamppost, tree, or at a pinch, against sternum and top ribs. Although useful for longer exposures or HDR, that is not as convenient as using the LVF2.

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