Misinformation about m4/3

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Re: Get your photography understood, first.

Most people including forums and run of the mill Photog. schools use technology as a cover up. For some reason people understand more science than art, or have no talent to play with. They are at best technicians, and as in the case above, not even that.

If you have talent m4/3 has certainly all the Mpx you need, and can easily be uprezzed with no consequences on IQ, if need be. Portrait, journalism, fashion are all covered by people using m4/3. But then those people had talent before, and possibly also a good grasp of visual communication.

By comparison pride in the latest calibration in PS and LR makes me smile. I was an assistant when young to a portrait/celebrity photographer who left the whole PP to an assistant, used always the same position for speedlights, and cared only about how interesting was the expression.

If people went to real Art Schools they would be told about the various schools of composition, about what an image connotes and denotes, what people read in it, and would be left entirely free for the camera to choose. Editorial teams usually reframe and crop at will. You must simply know if you need Medium Format or not.


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