What would you call a FF Pentax?

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-1 (yes minus)

D TONG wrote:

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An economic disaster for Pentax.

Not if they can release it as a body+prime kit at the same initial price as the K-3/18-135 kit. Canon and Nikon could forget anyone ever giving their 6D/D6XX cameras a second glance again.

Sure, they might take a bit of a loss on the body, but if it's a prime kit FF camera, rather than kitted with a walk around like the 24-105, people are gonna be adding to their lens stashes for sure. Throw some FA optics into new housings and spray some HD coating on there (2.8/20, 2/35, 1.4/50, etc.) at half the price of the FA Limiteds, maybe announce that 2.8/70-200 to start and altogether you've got the beginnings of a HUGELY profitable FF venture.

Totally opinion and speculation, but the logic seems sound to me.


The greatest optics of Pentax lies in its prime lens. Why bother with a mediocre zoom of 18-135mm?

I have ordered a K NEX (Sony E Mount) adapter. I tried the Alpha 7 on a Canon old FD lens in FF. My initial impression was that it was impressive. Can't wait for the hardware to come and the weather to improve!!!!

Its performance with my Zenitar 16mm FA28mm, F50mmF1.7, FA135mm and DA*200mm will be really interesting

Daniel, Toronto

Sony really has no place in this discussion.

Also, I don't see how this is a reply to OzDean and I.


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