Why no lens uniformity?

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Re: Why no lens uniformity?

If a camera manufacture does not make a product you do not like and with MFT's you have options. You can use Panasonic & Olympus glass or look to a different mirror less manufacture that does things different or go to a DSLR.

What many do not understand is the DSLR on the high end is what is still be used for professional work. You see it in how sturdy or tank like the camera body is and how well made the lenses are.

Even inside the DSLR's most 2.8 fast glass is a 77 mm take the same with MFT's or Fuji X and the APS-C sensor and the idea is a mini DSLR with great optics.

When you start with metal construction and more groups/elements to those lenses combined with a constant aperture it costs and consumers pay. I am positive any manufacture can do anything they want and throw cost to the wind, but it is still a business.

I would not get strapped down to any manufacture and only you know how to solve your own deal breakers. You do not have to accept what you do not want to accept as a deign flaw or mis step.

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