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Midwest wrote:

First - Vista was half-baked. I tried it and hated it and at the time rolled back the machine to XP after finally getting tired of the terrible performance. Windows 7 was actually what Vista should have been; it is an excellent operating system in just about every way.

Now for Win 8 or 8.1:

When I saw the ads for Win 8 on TV what was in them? Someone showing computer neophytes some clever tricks that Win 8 could do. It wasn't IT pros or power users being impressed by new capabilities, it was gee-whiz people who buy most of their PC's at WalMart who were easily impressed by gimmicks.

Windows 8 was simply a bad idea from the start. The evident plan was to make a PC operating system that would make working on a tablet or a PC very much similar. News flash: a PC is not a tablet! A PC is not used in the same way as a tablet! A touch screen is great on a tablet; I do not WANT one on my PC. Why? So I can not only type on a keyboard and move a mouse, but now keep reaching up to touch a screen? Let's talk a new kind of carpal-tunnel syndrome, a new kind of repetitive motion injury caused for no good reason.

My Win7 machines - I have numerous of them and mostly used for productivity - make it easy for me to use all my applications, some of them daily and some rarely, to find and run those applications out of a huge number installed on each machine. I have no use for an ugly purple desktop full of pictures.

So, there is an add-on that makes Win 8 seem almost like Windows 7. That's what I want, to upgrade my computer so that I have to make it work almost as well for me as it did before I 'upgraded'? And that add-on for the Start button does not replace the Windows 7 backup feature that can both back up multiple versions of individual files or folders, but can do a system image onto an external drive as well.

A while back I noticed that at least Dell was pushing Win 8 on almost all their machines; now they have gone back to offering Windows 7 on a substantial number of them likely because people insisted on something workable instead of something gimmicky.

Fortunately, MS is going to support Windows 7 at least until 2020. As much as I despise Win 8 I am totally happy with Win 7. For a long time I thought XP was great and resisted the upgrade but Win 7 quickly won me over with much broader capabilities. Windows 8 is a step in the wrong direction and if that is the best I can get when I someday have to leave Win 7 behind, I'll more likely go to Apple than to a gimmicky OS that was intended to combine a desktop and a tablet.

How about a combination kitchen blender and steam iron? Why not?


Excellent sumation of the past several OSs/UIs. I got bashed and battered on this forum for making the same points, especially the one that you can go from W7 to W8 but with an add-on make it act like W7. So what is the point? Or what is the compelling factor for the change?

And when the scuttlebutt came out that the people in Redmond refer to W8 as Vista2.0, that made sense in my mind, at least. And then it came to light that W9 will be beta in just a couple of months, possibly bringing back a tweaked W7 interface, that made sense, too.


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