Misinformation about m4/3

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Re: Well, a lot of m4/3 users are misinformed at times too.

jeffharris wrote:

thorn- wrote:

I've seen many m4/3 users state something along the lines of "a 20mm on m4/3 is the same as 40mm on FF" - except, this isn't completely true.

Sure. it may not be 100% technically accurate, but it's close enough and gets the concept across.

I can't tell you how many times I've tried to explain some technical thing to someone… Macs, music, bikes, photo stuff, whatever… and watch how QUICKLY their eyes glaze over and their interest evaporates.

So, I've found that a quick answer that gets the point across is better than going into some longwindedly accurate explanation that they really have no interest in hearing. If they're truly interested, they'll ask for more info. Usually, they won't and the quick answer was good enough… for BOTH of us!

Exactly. Unless they are very young children or learning-challenged, give them the basic information and encourage their interest and point them in the right direction to study the absolutes and detail for themselves. Unless it is a particular requirement of a formal course leading to qualifications. If they can't be bothered to fill in their own blanks, they aren't really motivated.

If indeed they are being taught [initially] against their will, then the teacher's main target must be  to somehow motivate the pupils. That is always the way skilled teachers get good results, whatever the circumstances. Motivation is key.

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