Who plans on getting the 56 1.2?

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Re: Who plans on getting the 56 1.2?

Graham Plain wrote:

tesilab wrote:

You want a leaf shutter (Fuji X100/s, Sony RX1,RX100, Ricoh GR) Or pure electronic shutter (Pansonic GX7).

A leaf shutter is certainly going to be the quietest option. You're completely correct about that. However:

(a) Fuji X100/s has a fixed 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) which is too short a focal length. I'd have to be putting the camera right into players' faces, which would be a distraction and definitely wouldn't be appreciated. And facial distortion would also be an issue.

(b) Sony RX1 also has a fixed lens, 35mm (50mm equivalent). So the same issues as in (a) above come into play. I currently use my XE2 with 35mm f1.4 combination and find it's terrific for game shots when showing both players and board, but too short for player at the board portraits. I have great hopes for the 56mm.

(c) Sony RX100 with its 3.6x zoom covers the focal length I need. However it starts at f1.8 and assuming roughly linear progression will be be around f2.8 at 50mm. I'm often having to shoot at ISO 6400 wide open with the 35mm f1.4 and struggling to lift my shutter speed up high enough to avoid noticeable camera shake. And the Sony RX100 is significantly worse for high ISO noise in RAW. Lastly, and this is sheer vanity, I don't think I'd present the impression I'd really like to give using what looks like a small point and shoot.

(d) Ricoh GR is another fixed focal length, 28mm this time. See the comments already made in (a) and (b).

(e) Panasonic GX7 looks a distinct possibility until we compare high ISO noise to the XE2.

There are probably many other possible choices in addition to the ones you mentioned. I can't claim to have done an exhaustive job of research before making my decision. I was shooting with D7000 and 50mm f1.4 lens and was unhappy with the results. Basically I could choose between horrid grain or waxy faces. As I mentioned I thought about a D800. Images were good but the camera was too noisy in operation. Saw some images from a XP1 by another photographer at a congress and was instantly sold - and the XE2 had just come out.

... and I'm undoubtedly rambling aimlessly by this point... so I'll stop.

RX 1 is FF and 35mm same as fuji after conversion to FF terminology.

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