1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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Re: 1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip OM Gosh

fishywisht wrote:

I'm disappointed by the intemperate tone and conclusion. Since their testing accorded with my experience of lenses before, I don't doubt their conclusions from their particular sample of the lens, but there seems to be no suspicion on their part which made them find another sample and instead they come out with a petulant response. I read an amateur who would buy three Sigma lenses and kept the best one. Maybe that's the kind of thing lenstip should have done.

A balanced reaction to the review. . . wow... not full of emotional huff...


Yes, I strongly would agree..... the thing is, some  people have taken it and seem to be (methaphorically) running around screaming...

Good gosh, its just a lens. Not a cherished pet or such.

The logical thing is to try to understand the difference between the poor showing on the charts (vs the excellent showing that both the equally *artistic*  rendering  (isn't it all art ?      ) Zeiss and Voigtlander 58's   and its real world use, just as for those two.

Not to bang down Lenstip doors.

I fully agree with you, the sensible thing would be to query the Lens re variation, or if not to actually try to understand the issue properly.

Understanding  and knowledge is an evolving process.

I am by far from any lens or optical technician let alone engineer, but the curioisity in me pushes to query the issue, to attempt an understanding with my limited knowledge.

Not to launch attacks left, right, centre, as some seem to be doing.


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Wishing You Good Light.

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