Oly 12-50 vs 12-40 - expecting too much?

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A man's got to know his (lens's) limitations...

Well, that's not exactly what Clint Eastwood said, but it's true.  +1 on all the comments about lens variation.  Mine is good from 12-25 stopped down 1/2 stop.  Pretty sharp corners and very sharp center.  From 40 on it gets soft, and of course, it becomes an "f/8 and be there lens."

And it's not good in low light.

But why are we comparing a SG kit lens to a HG kit lens?  I'm saving for the 12-40, but I'll keep my 12-50 and pair it with a 40-150 when I go day hiking.  When you use the 12-50s to its strengths:  compact, 12 mm on the wide end, WR, near-macro and very fast focus, it does what you'd expect a kit lens to do.  And, FWIW, how many other kit lenses combine those features?  If you want more compact, you have options.  Sharper across the range?  Options.

It comes down to horses for courses, and the two lenses are designed to race on different courses.

The posters who got poor copies...I don't doubt what you say, and I'd think the same.  But for those of us who got a good one, it's a keeper for those times when you choose to make the tradeoff.  Nothing wrong with that....

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