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zodiacfml wrote:

as an IT guy and using Windows for years, W8 is the worst for me. It's so greedy and selfish. Using it is just a pain. I prefer Vista wholeheartedly over this.

First - Vista was half-baked. I tried it and hated it and at the time rolled back the machine to XP after finally getting tired of the terrible performance. Windows 7 was actually what Vista should have been; it is an excellent operating system in just about every way.

Now for Win 8 or 8.1:

When I saw the ads for Win 8 on TV what was in them? Someone showing computer neophytes some clever tricks that Win 8 could do. It wasn't IT pros or power users being impressed by new capabilities, it was gee-whiz people who buy most of their PC's at WalMart who were easily impressed by gimmicks.

Windows 8 was simply a bad idea from the start. The evident plan was to make a PC operating system that would make working on a tablet or a PC very much similar. News flash: a PC is not a tablet! A PC is not used in the same way as a tablet! A touch screen is great on a tablet; I do not WANT one on my PC. Why? So I can not only type on a keyboard and move a mouse, but now keep reaching up to touch a screen? Let's talk a new kind of carpal-tunnel syndrome, a new kind of repetitive motion injury caused for no good reason.

My Win7 machines - I have numerous of them and mostly used for productivity - make it easy for me to use all my applications, some of them daily and some rarely, to find and run those applications out of a huge number installed on each machine. I have no use for an ugly purple desktop full of pictures.

So, there is an add-on that makes Win 8 seem almost like Windows 7. That's what I want, to upgrade my computer so that I have to make it work almost as well for me as it did before I 'upgraded'? And that add-on for the Start button does not replace the Windows 7 backup feature that can both back up multiple versions of individual files or folders, but can do a system image onto an external drive as well.

A while back I noticed that at least Dell was pushing Win 8 on almost all their machines; now they have gone back to offering Windows 7 on a substantial number of them likely because people insisted on something workable instead of something gimmicky.

Fortunately, MS is going to support Windows 7 at least until 2020. As much as I despise Win 8 I am totally happy with Win 7. For a long time I thought XP was great and resisted the upgrade but Win 7 quickly won me over with much broader capabilities. Windows 8 is a step in the wrong direction and if that is the best I can get when I someday have to leave Win 7 behind, I'll more likely go to Apple than to a gimmicky OS that was intended to combine a desktop and a tablet.

How about a combination kitchen blender and steam iron? Why not?

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