Oly 12-50 vs 12-40 - expecting too much?

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Re: Different opinion may be due to sample variation.

Paul De Bra wrote:

There seem to be exceptionally good and exceptionally bad samples of the 12-50 around and the same is probably true for every lens model. This explains why some will see an enormous difference between the 12-50 and 12-40 while others see little difference.

My 12-50 was not particularly good or bad. It never wowed me. The best thing about it was the macro.

My 12-40 is very clearly much better, even at f/5.6, especially in terms of edge and corner sharpness, which does matter a lot for me but maybe less for others.

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My 12-50 is pretty lousy at the wide end, very soft edges.

But I am certainly open to the possibility that I have a bad copy.

I own two copies of the cheap now-discontinued Panasonic 14-42mm kit lens. The first copy I had was mediocre. OK for a cheap kit lens, but just OK (but sharper than the 14-42 pancake, that lens is a stinker). Then I happened to acquire a second one with a G5 that was on sale really cheap, and I was shocked that the second copy of the kit lens was WAY sharper than my original.

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