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Re: Nikon d800 compliment

Canon S120, no hesitation.  I've been using the Canon S95, its precursor, for years and loving it.  At my suggestion a friend just got the S120, and loves it.  I plan to upgrade to the next iteration, whenever that is, but meantime I just love this little powerhouse.

It's truly small, pocket size.  Many so-called pocket cameras, like the RX100 are too bulky to be convenient.  You can carry the S120 anywhere.  Also, There's a Canon belt pouch, which I always use, that's super convenient.

The S120 will shoot RAW, JPEG or both.  It has exposure comp, easy access to ISO controls,, will shoot manual, and 3 frame brackets.  I use the bracketed exposures a lot, because I like HDR.

When I get good light and a distinct subject, like many landscapes and buildings, and take the time to process the HDR carefully plus PS optimization, the images look great.  I print them at 11x14, just like the images from the D800, often in a Blurb book.  At those sizes, most people can't tell the difference, can't identify which camera took the shot.

Even without the HDR, the shots look clear, sharp and distinct.  No, not nearly like the 800, but I can put the Canon in my pocket.  It's a wonderful camera.

I hate to say this, but on vacation I find myself using the Canon compact more than the D800.

Oh, and did I say?  It's really small. 
Tom B

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