Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

4thnebula wrote:

I have asked for this many times in posts (not just for this particular camera though it would make it even more useful than it already is).

My wife and I were taking candids yesterday in a high school physics lab for publicity of projects they are doing. My wife was using my Olympus OMD EM5 with Panasonic 25 mm f1.4 (as well as the Olympus kit lens 14-42 II) while I was using the Canon 6D with the Canon 28mm f2.8 IS. We both took many photographs. I asked her to try the 6D with the Canon 25mm f2.8 for a while. She commented afterward that the Olympus OMD EM5 was much more useful due to the ability not to have to use the viewfinder. She used the LCD on the Olympus OMD EM5 exclusively (i. e. no use of the EVF once she found out it no where near as useful in quickly finding subjects and compositions and the ability to be less obvious in the situation so subjects could be more themselves in their lab setting while we were as much non-observed as possible which is very difficult in such a situation).

We used both cameras at ISO 3200 to freeze action. We were please with the high ISOs shots from the Olympus enough to where many were useful photos. It would have been best if all photos were from the 6D for quality at ISO 3200 but due to the lack of articulating LCD many good shots were missed.

So, this situation, and many like it, are making me anxious for a 6D MKII with articulating LCD.

i wish my 1Dx camera had the articulating screen! i was bird shooting in my backyard the other day and got tired of bending down and twisting my body to all kinds of unnatural shapes, and boy, did i think of this feature on all cameras


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