Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

Started Feb 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
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QC: good point

assaft wrote:

Another thing to take into account is QC and sample variation. I think that the Pany is positioned as a Leica and potentially it benefits from a better QC due to its higher-end status. I have a great copy of the relatively inexpensive 45/1.8 but I remember quite a few complaints about its QC in this forum. So maybe on average it takes a long time to find a very good copy of the 45/1.8. We don't really know about the 25/1.8 yet. To me it's the more appealing lens, mostly because of its smaller size, but I'll wait for LensTip and DxO reviews anyway.

I had to return my first 17mm f/1.8 because it the right side was soft because it was front-focused.

It's correct that the "Leica" name theoretically requires higher QC.

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