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Re: With regard to Canikon lenses…….

rrccad wrote:

canon / nikon could remove the mirror and leave the registration distance. they could even do hybrid systems where the mirror is only used in specific cases and not in others. going mirrorless doesn't necessarily mean adopting a different mount.

Let us assume that Canon and Nikon will simply remove the mirror (bye bye OVF)

Let us assume that every lens will still focus as well without the aid of mirror-based PDAF system they were designed for, as opposed to focal plane AF system (where they happen to suck today). Remember, this is also where Sony A-mount stands today.

Those are significant assumptions and you seem to be betting on those. But here is yet another one you didn't think about:

Using mirror only in specific cases, not in others. This, just may be Sony's formula on A-mount if the above assumptions don't work well. The question is, how willing are you to receive an EVF? Sony SLTs have metering and VF off the sensor. The SLT itself is only for mirror based PDAF.

On Canon and Nikon, metering, VF and AF are off the mirror. When you lift the mirror up, you lose all three.

But, my bet would be on lenses requiring update to their AF system (not so much on E-mount system, since every lens can be already expected to have that).

I'd bet on that mass far more than for instance .. FE mount?

There is no FE mount, unless you think Nikon has a DX mount and a FX mount, and likewise, Canon has EF mount and EF-S mount. Get the basics right: Its E-mount, and launched only 3+ years ago and clearly has your attention already.

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