WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

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Re: WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

MazerRackham wrote:

I would update my original post, but either I'm too dumb to figure it out or it's just not possible. In any event, here's my update:

When I received the shipment and I originally posted this their customer service was already closed (Friday night through Saturday daytime). And yes absolutely I wanted to vent my frustration at all this.

I understand the criticism of my posting this here in the open, but I also feel that forums such as dpreview are the exact place to share experiences like this. Internet forums are a place to talk about all things, good and bad, on a given topic. As someone else pointed out, maybe this should have gone into the Off Topic forum, but the moderators had to approve my original post and they allowed it to show up in the Sony E mount forum.

Dealing with B&H today: I didn't want to enter into a yelling match over the phone so I chose to use their chat customer service this morning. The guy I chatted with was understanding, but he also claimed that the inserted memory card and configured state of the camera could not have been caused by B&H. He claimed that they would not sell returned/used items as new. A bit hard for me to believe, with what I have experienced. And as others have posted in this thread, receiving used/returned merchandise as "new" is common at many retailers, including B&H.

And as I stated in my original post, I understand that this is an acceptable and common policy. But at the same time, it doesn't mean that I have to like it.

He offered me $100 credit for my trouble. Note that I purchased the A7 kit, FE 55mm f1.8, and flash as part of the current bundle promotion from Sony. So overall I spent $2,930.67 on this, including 3-day shipping. And while $100 is $100, what amounts to getting a 3.3% credit back isn't going to fix this for me. I don't think any discount amount would do that (short of 75% off or so, which I realize is ridiculous and is not something I asked for).

So, I have decided to get an RMA and send the whole package back. I realize that many of you have had great experiences with B&H in the past, but for me, I'm done with them.

And in the true spirit of the internet, I conclude with this: my thoughts on B&H are IMHO, and I hope that YMMV when purchasing from them (meaning, I hope you get new items when buying new items).

Thanks everyone for the lively discussion (not being sarcastic...)

It sounds like the B&H representative was stating their policy and you wanted him/her to admit that they sell used items as new.   I can't say I blame him for defending their reputation although I might have stopped short of saying conclusively that it couldn't have been a mistake on their end.

I may have missed it but I didn't see in your post what you would have expected them to do....   (other than your unreasonable comment about a 75% discount).  B&H offered a discount that wasn't acceptable and by your own comments a $2000 discount would have also been unacceptable so discounts weren't an option.  So, that leaves the other most likely option to exchange.   Hopefully, B&H would expedite shipping a replacement to you and waive the shipping charge.  I would have also asked them to credit the original shipping charge.  That would be reasonable to me.   But really, I don't see any indication in your comments that you were making an attempt to be reasonable but maybe there is more that was discussed with B&H that you didn't include in your post.

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