Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: Solution for Articulating LCD on 6D

Mike K wrote:

24Peter wrote:

85% of my landscape photos ( are taken with the camera within 1-2 feet of the ground - and articulating screen would be great for that...

I do product photography for a living ( . I am almost always using LiveView to focus and compose my images. About 1/2 the time, the camera is positioned in such a way (e.g., directly overhead) that I can't easily see the back LCD. The swivel screen on my 60D is a lifesaver...

I also use the camera close to the ground for TSE shots, which is my most often used lens type. Often with the tripod over water, so laying down to see the LCD is not an option.

My solution is to use an external monitor. Here is my write up

the 6" monitor is no longer available, replaced by the 7" at the same price point. However there are mow several competing brands of HD level monitors: ie Ikan, Marshall and others. Non HD monitors and cordless (WIFI) solutions have MUCH less resolution as to be useless for MF, but ok for composition.

When set up properly in magnified Live View 1:1 the resolution is improved, and can be seen at at arms length. For those of us that often use Live View this is a very real increase in capability.

My only caution is that the mini HDMI port on the side of the camera and the mini HDMI connector cord/plug can be somewhat fragile. Careful with this connection.

Mike K

Thanks for your post and email Mike. I am well aware of the external monitor options. In fact, I purchased one - and quickly returned it. Just too cumbersome as a solution - cables, batteries and something perched in the hot shoe mount of my camera raising the center of gravity in a slippery stream bed... well you get the idea. I think the external monitor was esp. hard to swallow given how elegant the built-in screen is on my 60D. Unfortunately the 60D IQ isn't up to Canon's FF offerings but I'm sure we'll get there.

As for the continual cry that a swivel screen will somehow compromise weather sealing, other than the 1D camera line, weather sealing isn't a prominent feature of Canon DSLR's anyway. But more importantly, wouldn't a microphone or speaker opening in the camera body pose more of a threat? (Yeah, yeah I know - video doesn't belong in a DSLR anyway...) Couldn't the hinge have a gasket to seal it? Seems like a specious argument to  me...

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