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Re: Venn diagram of doing & teaching

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Vlad S wrote:

Martin.au wrote:

"Those who can't do, teach." perhaps?

And those who "do" learned everything by themselves, perhaps? There are some bad teachers for sure, but this generalization that only unsuccessful people become teachers, really hurts those, who went into the profession out of passion for education and for sharing their knowledge. Think about where all those "doers" would be without teachers before you say this again.

"Those who can't do teach."

Is not the same as

"Those who teach can't do."

The first describes a smaller subset of a larger group.

And some more. It implies that all that can't do teach. It's plainly untrue. Many of those can't do don't teach. Actually most of those can't do don't teach.

The second describes two groups as being entirely overlapping.

I'm a professional photographer. And a photography teacher. I do and teach.

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