Recomended user setting/custom settings on D7100

Started Feb 16, 2014 | Discussions thread
nfpotter Veteran Member • Posts: 4,080
Re: Recomended user setting/custom settings on D7100

You will never get an accurate and unbiased answer to this question, because everyone has their needs and preferences. Better to just read, try it, read more, try it more. A logical and thorough understanding of what things actually do, and whether they may benefit or hinder your style and needs is the only way to go. So, go step by step through the cameras menus and manual, and try to understand what you're doing when you change things.

It is my opinion that you do NOT need to buy any "guides" or books. The manual, coupled with the massive amount of information on the internet, should be all you need. Just beware of internet opinions from "experts", lol.

As well, much of how you set up ANY camera should be largely influenced by your intended PP workflow (RAW vs JPEG, what PP program(s), etc).

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