If it wasn't Sony...

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Re: If it wasn't Sony...

This poll is about what you'd be seriously considering if you couldn't shoot or were giving up on Sony for whatever reason. Which vendor most floats your boat, within the unreasonable limited sets of choices with tongue in-cheek justifications I give you?

You know the rules. Your favorite answer probably isn't here. I no longer accept include "non-of-the-above" type answers either. Start your own poll if you can't handle it.

Of course I'm curious, since my own eye is wandering.

When Fuji introduces a mirrorless FF, then that would be the catalyst for me to switch to Fuji system.

If I had to choose now, I'd think real hard whether I must shoot FF. If it's a yes, then will go with Leica. Else will pick Fuji.

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