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Re: Another trust issue...

justmeMN wrote:

Do you trust that, five years from now, your chosen brand will still be making digital cameras? As the entire market contracts, the smaller players will be forced out of the market.

Sony and Panasonic are megacorps, that can get along just fine without camera divisions. Olympus is a thriving medical technology company, that doesn't really need a camera division either.

It's a pity that e.g. Canon didn't bother producing a digital Canon F1, but they didn't.

So I don't really care as long as someone makes an ILC with a smaller registration distance than the lenses I have, and adapters. Given that there are electronic control adapters for EF lenses, and purely mechanical adapters are hardly difficult to make, it's far too late to put that particular genie back in the bottle. I may take a punt and end up with an FE lens as well.

So it's odd that I have a FF camera which allows me to use lenses from many systems - old lenses (which are now 30 years old or more) which I couldn't use on Canon DSLRs, as well as EF lenses from more recently, and it also has new lenses of high quality. It's higher resolution than any Canon SLR, there is a version cheaper than any Canon FF, it addresses my size and weight concerns, and I can use a DSLR as well.

And you think I should somehow be more concerned than I was?

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