WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

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Re: WARNING: issues with B&H and A7

WoodWorks wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

The problem with your logic is that you aren't accounting for those that order stuff to test it with the intention of deciding whether or not to keep it... and many times they do keep it which translates into more units sold and less cost per unit which helps the "serious and responsible buyers". And this isn't offset by the returns overall (although it certainly may be with some individual abusers).

That's the same self-serving argument I've seen made by those who steal software.

No, it isn't unless the policy prohibits the return and most do not.   Your analogy is way out in left field.

Yeah, the vendors allow themselves to be abused, so those with no scruples will take advantage of those policies. But to me it's no different than buying clothes to wear at a party and then returning them to the store. It's theft, pure and simple.

Allow themselves to be abused....   seriously, this is comical.   Poor Amazon can't do anything about the unethical customers taking advantage of their return policy.  As has already been mentioned elsewhere, Amazon does take action when a customer abuses the policy but they aren't stupid enough to penalize the customer that bought $10,000 worth of gear last year and returned one lens because they changed their mind.

If a potential buyer is unsure about a purchase, they can almost always rent the item to try it out. Taking advantage of a vendors' generous return policies is unethical, and I can't imagine myself ever doing it under any circumstances.

I usually know what I want and I don't need try and buy....   but unethical?    It is certainly unethical if the retailer's policy prohibits returns.   Many of these retailers have an option when you return to specify didn't want or changed mind or whatever.   They not only allow the behavior but they promote it.   It is absolutely ridiculous to portray these companies as victims...   they can easily fix it if they want to but they don't.

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