Problems with a7 that need firmware update

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Re: Problems with a7 that need firmware update

Dustinash wrote:

The sensor (which is responsible for focusing on mirrorless cameras) is blind to IR light, and therefore can't see the AF assist lights coming from the flash. That's why they're not enabled, and that's why the orange light (which is within the visible spectrum) is used instead.

However, the flash's AF assist lights SHOULD work when the LA-EA4 adapter attached (if Sony thought to check for it in firmware). I'm going to have to test that tomorrow.

Gary Friedman

Nope. Alpha glass won't use any AF light.

Verified.  A-mount glass via an LA-EA4 adapter does not enable the flash's near-IR LEDs for AF assist.  (Or the orange LED in the camera body for that matter!)  (This is a lost opportunity in my mind, since I don't believe there's a technical reason for it to be disabled.)


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