no point - just I hate W8

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Re: no point - just I hate W8

Austinian wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Again, just to keep the record straight - Windows XP did not come "after" Windows ME, it came after Windows 2000, which was in turn a successor of Windows NT. Windows ME came "after" in terms of time, but not in terms of the lineage of the code base.

While Microsoft was selling Windows 95/98/ME which came from a DOS-based 16-bit heritage, they had a completely separate line of 32-bit fully multitasked operating systems which grew out of their failed collaboration with IBM on OS/2.

The whole OS/2 vs. Windows episode was an interesting part of computer history. I had high hopes for OS/2 at one time, but IBM displayed its characteristic instinct to preserve its existing businesses at the expense of its future ones. PS/2, OS/2, DOA.

I used OS/2 on my home machine for a couple of years before Windows NT became available.   Microsoft still hasn't got scroll bars right the way OS/2 did - if you grab a vertical scroll bar and move it up and down, it will snap back to it's original position if you stray too far to the left or right.   A vertical scroll bar should ignore horizontal movements of the mouse like OS/2 did (and a corresponding observation is true of horizontal scrollbars).

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