If it wasn't Sony...

Started Feb 16, 2014 | Polls thread
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TL: let me rephrase the problem/question
  • should there be III-rd party smart adapter[s], allowing me to mount Canon's EF lenses on Fuji in the same way it is possible for Nex'en with a plethora of MB, RJ, etc. smart adapters and speed boosters - preserving EXIFs, IS, electronic control of apertures, and some AF'ing functionality;
  • then, esp. given the recent developments on Fuji's AF front (XT-1), I'd go with Fuji;
  • somehow they do appeal much more to my photographic soul than S.
  • and more importantly - despite some problems in the past, when Fuji tried to disown the notorious white-orbs problem - somehow they rise more of long-term confidence in me;
  • in particular where it concerns the present and future lenses;


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