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Re: re: few questions on practical aspects of the a6k

GaryW wrote:

That's correct that it does not reopen at full shutter press. It's already been focused at the half-press! It's WIDE OPEN at the start of the half-press, then immediately stopped down as you half-press and it has completed focusing.

I tested, and S-mode works similarly. (Plus, if you turn AEL w/shutter off, it'll keep varying the aperture as you pan around to modify the exposure, which you can of course lock with the AEL button.)

I was pretty excited to see this. I think it's pretty huge. It's probably why the camera focuses better for me than for others.

Sorry, but I still believe you are mistaken. I put my Sigma 19 on the camera and it behaves exactly as it did with the Sony 16-50 in any of the shooting modes and we both know that Fast Hybrid AF is not available with that lens or any other third party lens currently. Why would the manufacturer of the camera, Sony, state that this feature is only available on certain lenses and not available at aperture values greater than f6.3 if it weren't true?

I also took a look at the A7 documentation and it appears this has been improved on that model but is still limited:

"When the aperture value is F9.0 or above, Phase Detection AF cannot be used. Only Contrast AF is available."

My original question, in a reply to JPR2 post, was in regards to the a6k. If the new faster AF system in that camera is available at all, or higher value apertures, then that is an improvement and would be an item I would take into consideration if I were to upgrade.

Half-press to focus, AEL to lock exposure. Now you can fully-press to take the photo.

The other way, you'd have to hold the focus-off, half-press to lock exposure, then you can fully-press to take the photo. ??

We're talking about a feature here. I'm guessing all pro-bodied DSLR's have a dedicated AF-On button, certainly both Canon and Nikon pro bodies do. Plus the lower models in both maker's lineups have the ability to assign that function to a configurable button. That's DSLR, how about mirror-less? The NEX 7, A7, A7R and the Fuji X series cameras offer this ability. Not sure about Oly or Pany but I wouldn't be surprised.

Again my original question was in regards to the a6K. Is this feature configurable on the new model? Apparently it is not. This is another item that would influence me to upgrade to the new model.

Why do I want this feature? Because that is how I use my primary camera and I would prefer that be consistent with any body I'm using. That's all.

The point is that sometimes what's offered as a limitation isn't. Now, maybe you object to Sony's way of doing things, but you can either work with it, or get a camera that works the way you want it to. I run into this with software as well; sometimes it's just easier to work within the framework you have rather than fighting it all the time to get to the same place.

No, I don't object to Sony's way of doing things. Sony elected to not include this feature on the NEX 6, simple as that. If a newer model adds that feature I'd be more inclined to upgrade.

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