Who plans on getting the 56 1.2?

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Re: Who plans on getting the 56 1.2?

I'm leaning that way but before making a final decision I'll want to handle it. The 56mm focus length is perfect for my needs and it's fast enough when combined with the exceptional high ISO quality of the Fuji X-Trans sensors. However it has to be quiet in operation. Very quiet!

I shoot at a number of chess congresses. In a room filled with utter silence; the sound of a noisy auto-focus motor or the thump-thump of a bouncing dSLR mirror brings with it disapproving stares from all the nearby players. Chess congresses are not ideal venues to shoot at. The lighting is usually poor to terrible and obviously flash is right out.

I love my XE2 for that reason. I can shoot at ISO 3200 without hesitation and even ISO 6400 if pushed, and get great results. My D7000 simply can't match it even as low as ISO 1600. I tried a D800. The high ISO capability was there but the shutter/mirror is much noisier in operation.

Chess players have this annoying tendency to look down at the board rather than into the camera. My old joints are getting too stiff to crouch down for every shot. I'll hoping an XT1 (hurray for tilting LCD and waistline shooting) and 56mm f1.2 combination will be a pretty ideal solution.

Short answer: if the 56mm f1.2 is quiet then yes, I'll get one. Probably with a XT1 for it to live on.

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