Misinformation about m4/3

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Re: So, what are the real problems?

El Chubasco wrote:

Geo Wharton wrote:

El Chubasco wrote:

"well, with a micro 4/3 you have a real problem"

I think it is interesting to see what a non 4/3 or m4/3 user thinks is so problematic.

- George

I think that is only misinformation, confusion, and fear. Perhaps the combination of the three. I believe that there is a myth running around discrediting m4/3. I remember when I went to the local store pretending I was going to check a camera, the guy on the counter told me that I should not consider m4/3 because the sensor was "garbage."

People are not very cultivated, even in what they do daily. Just take as an example all the 4/3 proper owners who were spitting on m4/3, and that are now indignantly defending it in a crowd here, as if they didn't dream to kill it since it existed.

At least they understand the proportion 4:3. The other thing that they understand is money.If their money is safe, then they can go brag in a new forum. Perhaps as they, your teacher will become a m4/3 enthusiast if he sees the money advantage.


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