Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

grcolts wrote:

I just came from the special Fuji XT-1 camera site and reviewed the specs and other things Fuji has included in their new WR camera. What I saw is impressive, especially with the multi-view finder and tilt-out screen. Did I mention it was WR too? Apparently, Fuji is coming out with three new WR lens to go with the camera. Of course, I have not actually handled one yet as they are too new and not yet available in local photo stores. Anyway, Fuji is doing some innovative things I wish Pentax/Ricoh would start to do too. Used to be Pentax was the about the only game in town offering WR but now they have strong competition. I see this camera taking away Pentax sales in the near future. Am I the only one who feels Pentax needs to up their game?

Here is the website for the new Fuji. I think you will find it impressive.



Please tell me what I should be impressed by.

If it is the nice high quality lenses, then yes, I am very impressed.  Fuji brought an impressive lens lineup to the market quickly.  Definitely a job well done.

If I am impressed about the three WR zoom lenses on the roadmap?  2.8 zooms or a super-zoom?  Not enough for me.  I need some WR primes.  If I had this style of camera, I don't think I would be using it with 2.8 zooms. Not sure though, because they don't exist yet.

Was Pentax ever the only game in town offering WR?  I thought there were m43 and Canikons offering WR.

Should I be impressed by the retro styling?  Sorry, not for me. I look forward rather than backwards.  I don't have a pseudo brick facade on my house either.  I can see how some people would like it, but others wouldn't.  No reason to take notice.

X-Trans sensor?  Is that an advantage over the K-3?

How about the retro dials?  No thank you.  I find the control layout of modern dSLR's perfect.  The dual wheels are quick to control.  I can't imagine how the ISO dial or shutter speed dial would be an improvement.  Especially at the expense of an LCD screen on top.

EVF?  I don't know.  I do believe that the mirror box is old tech and the EVF is the future.  Am I ready to change?  Not yet, the mirror works fine for me.  It handles everything I throw at it.  EVF has no advantages for me yet, only disadvantages (action, battery, etc.).

Should Ricoh abandon the K-mount and move to mirrorless?  Who knows, but isn't that what they bought when they purchased Pentax?  They tried a mirrorless K-mount with the K-01 and it didn't go over so well, even though it is a very capable camera.

I am impressed.  It is a nice camera from a capable company. Is it a better camera than the K-3?  Similar price, but different features and target market.  I don't see it as a competitor.

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