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as an IT guy and using Windows for years, W8 is the worst for me. It's so greedy and selfish. Using it is just a pain. I prefer Vista wholeheartedly over this.

I'm certainly not an IT guy but am a computer user for more than half a (long) lifetime - going back to pre-DOS days indeed !! ... but I did have a Vista machine as my first tentative upgrade from the previous..but I hated it for a variety of reasons and finally gave the machine away. I STILL keep on using my XP3..why's still a good system to run...IF you manage and control it and NOT let Microsoft try to do it..but I have got a Win7 machine and the first thing I did was 'convert' it to Classic Style.. since when I find it very good to use in most respects. But I am NOT ever (if I have anything to do with it !!) going to Win8 ... in fact I've already bought a MacBook Pro and using that as a secondary system for the present time...and LOVING it.. it really is SO better in so many ways than the MS systems ... and I do feel that it is likely that a lot could well turn this way if Windows does not get more sensible in creating that old 'love' of the system that I'm sure is definitely failing of late.

If you have a good firewall, WinXP will work very well 80 to 90% of the common things to do as I do in the office.  Of course, Vista is pretty bad compared to XP but Win 8/8.1 are atrocious.  For example, there's no easy way permanently disable the Touch Keyboard on the taskbar.  There's no simple way to disable the transparency of the taskbar. That's only talking about the taskbar.

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