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Re: Dustin Ash's Wedding Photography Techniques with A7

Miki Nemeth wrote:

Dustinash wrote:

joao 43 wrote:

In low light specially in weddings your better off with MF. Your technique may vary but I wouldn't advise using AF at all. Being myself a wedding/event photographer I traded my D800E for the A7 and some Zeiss, Voigtlander and Leica lenses (M). It's lighter, more practical, smaller, and accurate. And the best thing, it's a great partner to my A99.

I think AF and MF is a personal, subjective thing. Not all shoot the same way. Specially those like us that make a living out of photography.

I have also shot with the d800 and have owned an alpha since they came out. I totally agree manual focus is great but there are certain points in a wedding when it is insufficient to capture what is going on.

Like when the bride is walking down the aisle towards you it is very hard to keep up with manual focus and the hit rate from AF is higher.

However I do agree that it is more how I shoot and what my expectations are. Some of the worlds best wedding photographers only use manual focus with film

Hi Dustin, I like you comments a lot. I am just a progressing fun-photographer, but I am very much interested in the shooting techniques that professional photographers apply. A have learned a lot from this young fellow (Cheng of ZY Productions) In his explanation the videographer uses a (ultra) wide-angle on a glide-cam. I guess, this is a kind of "zone focusing" the lens being set to MF; here, the videographer does not even touch the camera. Can a still image shooter use this trick? I am very much interested in listening to your opinion and comments. Thank You, Miki

Absolutely you can and you are dead on, he is zone focusing.  The thing with zone focusing is that as your lens gets wider your depth of field increases so with very wide lenses you almost don't need to focus at all.  Also of course as the lens aperture is stopped up (to higher f stops like f11) you also greatly increase depth of field.

The issue is that though you use some wides when shooting a wedding to capture the scene and for groups and occasionally to do a landscape portrait combo, your bread and butter is more tele with bigger apertures (f1.4-f5.6).  The reason is that the longer lenses give more flattering look to portraits (wide angles distort peoples features) and the the tele+wide aperture allows for nice bokeh and subject isolation.

So yes you absolutely could shoot like that but only at selective points.

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