Panny 25mm 1.4 vs Olympus 25mm 1.8 Reviewed

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Re: How about a second test?

WhyNot wrote:

Testing mFT lenses always raises the question of software correction, especially for CA and distortion. …

It is known that E-M1 corrects (for OOC and writes info in ORF for raw converters) LaCA for m43 lenses (the ones that pass info to the body) and pre E-M1 bodies do not... so if he tested lenses on his E-M5 that is a different story from E-M1 (and may be E-M10 ?)

Also it is known that Olympus OEM raw converter for raws from E-M1 (and may be E-M10 and may be now even for raws from prev. cameras ?) can (or will mandatory, user can't switch it off) apply extra software corrections like DxO does for Olympus (at least) lenses = more deblurring (deconvolution) at borders vs in center.. that also may or may not affect the results...

Also as tests of some local participants showed Olympus cameras used (still do ?) less UV spectrum filtration by IR/UV cut filter in sensor assembly vs Panasonic cameras - that leads to some worse results when Panasonic lenses (designed for a stronger UV cut in body) are used on Olympus bodies (whereas Olympus lenses are designed to do that extra filtration apparently)...

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