Need For Articulating LCD On 6D MKII

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Re: Also Need for 24Mp APS-C sensor

24Peter wrote:

This topic has been beaten to death here and elsewhere, but as another poster on the DPReview forums has said, "Canon - are you listening?"

While I understand some folks have resistance to the idea, I do believe an articulating LCD screen would have been a natural for the 6D and would have distinguished it favorably for my purposes from other FF cameras. I have a 5DII and would have ditched it in favor of a 6D with a swivel screen. I also have a 60D and the screen is sooooooooooooo useful for my type of shooting. Everything from product photography to landscape shooting to video benefits.

I know, I know - "keep your swivel screen off my 5DIII or 1DX - I'm a pro!" But I'd be happy with one on the 6D successor...

totally agree, if the 6D had a tilt screen I would already have purchased one. At the moment it's one of the big missing features that is holding me back, especially with the increased competition from the better mirrorless cameras that often have tilt screens. A tilt screen is far more convenient for macro, liveview use, creative angles etc. I really don't understand why they removed it (as the 6D is mostly based on 60D body); or maybe I do understand why, knowing Canon, but don't like it ;-(

I don't care about ultimate weather sealing and I couldn't care less about 10 fps (my review speed for images is below 0.1 fps anyway, life is short ...).

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