And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

Just want to chime in for a bit here, to give a different perspective on the Fuji system. I am sure everyone knows the pros (skin tones, IQ, aperture ring on lens.. oh so smart) so I won't mention those.

I have been using Nikon for ages and got my first Fuji exactly one year ago with the XE1 but sold it in less than a year.

Few reasons why I am a bit concerned about Fuji and hopefully Fuji will be listening:

1. APS-C. No matter what, it isn't full frame. I'll be the first to come back when Fuji comes out with a FF system. Better yet if Nikon has a FF mirrorless that supports all existing lens. I just don't get the DOF I want and 6400 and higher is not really usable IMO. I am too spoiled with setting Auto ISO of 12800 and higher and let it shoot. 4/3... Even worse.

2. AF. Too slow (on the x-e1). Too late also because I sold it already before the firmware upgrade near the end of 2013. It's probably better now but it was a huge deal breaker for me. It's probably better now, no doubt.

3. WB. I don't know if my XE1 was defective but anytime it is indoors, the AWB is just overly warm. I think it is to compensate for nicer skin tones, but I much prefer to have an accurate AWB. Yes, you can manually adjust, but AWB to me is a key factor. I never adjust WB until post (unless I shoot video) and if a system can have accurate AWB, it will always win points in my book. Someone please tell me that the new Fuji's have improved their AWB algorithm on their new system. Not a deal breaker for most, especially if you shoot RAW.

4. Build quality and QC. In less than a year, my extremely lightly used XE1 exhibits squeaky buttons as if I have owned this thing for 10+ years. Probably a one off, but I have noticed the build quality to be subpar. The lens came with some small cosmetic defects but I had to live with that copy because all other copies have noticeable dust inside the element. I know dust is normal, but the sample of copies I encountered didn't inspire confidence for me. Small matter, but a concerning one to me.

5. Somewhat unresponsive. Firmware related probably but the overall menu system and operations just feels kinda choppy. The new XT1 menu didn't change and it just feels kinda slow to change settings. Definitely not the same feeling as the 5D3, D800 or even the A7. Not the end of the world, but worth noting. And this is super minor, but I just don't really like the look of the menu system. I think they need a better marketing and GUI team.

6. EVF. Choppy and laggy on the XE1. Neither the EVF nor the low res screen inspired me much. XT1 probably solved it. Will have to see.

7. X-trans & LR. I think I just got Fuji at the wrong time but the support for LR was limited early last year and it was an awkward decision for me to think if I should shoot JPEG for better IQ or RAW for better WB adjustment. I know there are other softwares but I am stubborn haha. Again, it's probably better now? Please tell me it is.

These are not end-of-world issues but just something to note. Can't always read the pros or you will be brainwashed haha.

I can share my side of the Sony if anyone cares to hear about it here. I'm always lurking here as I see huge potential in the Fuji system. Just not the right time for me to comeback yet. Give me a FF XT1 at $1699 and I an back! But they need to focus on perfecting the APSC lineup first.


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