Making the best of SEL 16-50 Wide Angle Distortion

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Re: Making the best of SEL 16-50 Wide Angle Distortion

viking79 wrote:

uhligfd wrote:

LBJ2 wrote:

I could have used jpeg in camera corrections but I rather liked the fisheye look :-). ( Nik HDR filter applied). Thanks for looking

It is this landscape itself that invokes a fisheye bending … Not the lens itself.

The lens uncorrected has plenty of barrel distortion (fisheye if you will). Those two red lines should be parallel.

Nothing wrong with it, but it will exaggerate curves and such. I had to use the unusual wide points for resolution since the others had too much distortion

Image from my blog...

Thank you. Another excellent reference viking79. I can clearly see the distortion with this lens in post processing--with the extreme at 16mm. When I want to do a lot of PP for this lens I normally use PTLens to correct my raw shots for this particular lens. But I think in-camera jpeg lens corrections does a pretty good too.

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