Making the best of SEL 16-50 Wide Angle Distortion

Started Feb 16, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Making the best of SEL 16-50 Wide Angle Distortion

uhligfd wrote:

LBJ2 wrote:

I could have used jpeg in camera corrections but I rather liked the fisheye look :-). ( Nik HDR filter applied). Thanks for looking

Can you also post the jpeg corrected image, please. I think here would not have been a noticeable difference. Especially in landscapers; brickwalls are another matter. Show us how different the corrected image looks, please!

It is this landscape itself that invokes a fisheye bending … Not the lens itself.

Hello:  I posted the corrected jpeg as well.  However I initially posted the raw w/ Nik HDR filter applied because I preferred the effect over the corrected jpeg 

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