sony 24-70 FE it's not perfect

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OLY 12-40 f2.8 ZOOM and the FE 24-70mm edges at 24mm

True it's FF and tried to keep it small  ... and the price is really not bad.

But, OLY Zooms has shown what zooms can do. (not FF) ... sharp across the frame and Wide OPEN at any FL.

then there is all those Holly Trinity Nikon f2.8 zooms ... but big.

It will also be interesting when Sigma ships there f1.8 Full Frame 24-70mm  ZOOM.  at what price.

The standards are changing. with computer aided design

Just think it could have been a  bit sharper out at the edges at 24mm  wide open.


ianbrown wrote:

There are many opinions starting to form of this lens and I am so surprised that people expect this to be a wonder lens! yes it's not cheap but it's still a zoom lens and zooms are a compromise.

So if you expect tack sharp images accross the frame at large apertures then you may be disappointed!

This lens is versatile and will give you much sharper images than the kit lens especially in the corners but don't expect it to give you prime performance.

At £1049 it's good value when you compare with Canon and Nikon but just dont expect a new level of performance.


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