Fuji XT-1- Pentax Take Notice!

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Re: This is business - there is a market for both

Alex Sarbu wrote:

The K-01 was a nice try, and it's not competing but supporting the K-mount; I hope they'll attempt again.



The K-01 is a nice camera if you already have some limited lenses.

I use it preferably for:

  1. 2nd camera, if I do not want to change lenses (K-3 with 60-250mm and K-01 with 21 or 31mm)
  2. social events where a DSLR is to obtrusive
  3. jacket pocket (or briefcase) size system: K-01 + 21mm + 77mm
  4. backup (or battery and SD-Card supplier ) for my K-3

I also hope they will attempt again with some additional features (EVF) and a unique design which appears to be less clumsy like a brick. If Pentax/Ricoh could also provide a small 23mm-46mm (35-70eq.) lens which retracts in the mirror box, this camera could be very appealing to new custumers.



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