A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

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Re: A77: why long lenses seem to be so out resolved?

The 'crisp and clear' look we expect from high grade lenses is much more than pure resolution. Other aspects, like balance between high and low frequency contrast is of utterly importance to avoid the hated flat and dull look seen from some very high resolution lenses.

What matters is the 'look and feel' of the pictures. In this respect my G 70-200 mm f:2.8 is a great performer even if crops at bright apertures look a bit soft when pixel peeping. Wen looking at results on a screen or from large format prints, I don't hesitate using this lens wide open at the long end when shooting sports and action.

When comparing lenses, a slight focus error will make a much bigger difference than the optimal performance between the lenses. So the reliability of tracking autofocus would be more important than the theoretical maximum lens resolution.

Why not trust your eyes instead of numbers?

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