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Re: This is business - there is a market for both

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Rod McD wrote:


I agree that the OP's title was a tad prevocative in this forum, but OTOH why does every mirror-less development turn into pointless mirror-less versus DSLR debate? There is very clearly an existing market for both. Like NJOW, I fully expect to own both to get the advantages of both.

Because of the provocative posts, maybe? Because some think there isn't room for both, and all cameras should be mirrorless? Because of the "I would refuse to acknowledge innovation and quality if it's not retro mirrorless" posts? Because it's impressive when MILC makers are catching up with Pentax, and Pentax should "take notice"?

Hi Alex. Sorry, but I don't think anyone actually said any of those things except the OP's use of "Take Notice".  And on that we agree that it was provocative.

DSLRs may outsell mirror-less by roughly 4:1 at the moment but that's irrelevant.

It's quite relevant, as it demolishes the ridiculous idea that Pentax should go out of their way in order to copy the mirrorless product of the day.

You've ignored what I actually said - I went on to explain why it's not relevant - the existence (or not) of a market doesn't depend on the ratio of types but the absolute numbers for the projected sales of each type.  And you and I don't know whether it makes sense for them to make any potential camera because we (you I suspect, and I certainly) don't know their capabilities, projected sales revenues or production costs.

I don't really think anyone (including the OP) is arguing that they should simply "copy the mirror-less product of the day".  They're already well and truly in the mirror-less market.  They're already there with the K01, Q and the fixed lens GR.  (Ricoh also recently had the GXR).  The real question is which mirror-less camera(s) they might make.  In answering that question, they would certainly establish the feature set and price point offered by competitive models.  They don't need anyone here to tell them that.  And, if a feature set is popular they'd have to consider that too.  Like I said, this is business - they'll follow if it makes business sense.

Regards.  Got to get some sleep, Rod


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