no point - just I hate W8

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zodiacfml wrote:

as an IT guy and using Windows for years, W8 is the worst for me. It's so greedy and selfish. Using it is just a pain. I prefer Vista wholeheartedly over this.

I'm certainly not an IT guy but am a computer user for more than half a (long) lifetime - going back to pre-DOS days indeed !! ...   but I did have a Vista machine as my first tentative upgrade from the previous..but I hated it for a variety of reasons and finally gave the machine away.  I STILL keep on using my XP3..why's still a good system to run...IF you manage and control it and NOT let Microsoft try to do it..but I have got a Win7 machine and the first thing I did was 'convert' it to Classic Style.. since when I find it very good to use in most respects.   But I am NOT ever (if I have anything to do with it !!)  going to Win8  ... in fact I've already bought a MacBook Pro and using that as a secondary system for the present time...and LOVING it.. it really is SO better in so many ways than the MS systems ...   and I do feel that it is likely that a lot could well turn this way if Windows does not get more sensible in creating that old 'love' of the system that I'm sure is definitely failing of late.

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