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Tom Caldwell wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

So what crop factor will medium format have when it hits the popular public use trail? Or will users of medium format just read the focal length of their lenses of the the lens body and happily compare this to the focal length of everything else which is at present related back to 135 film standards on pretty well every lens in the pack.

A FF sensor is 36x24mm

The sensor in the Pentax 645D is 44x33mm

If you do the math, this means the medium format Pentax has a crop factor of 0.59.

Thanks Marty, I am a lazy sod, I thought some bright spark would work it out for me

But my point now is: if the medium Format is larger then do we make it the new "standard reference" and work all other sensors from there (hardly). Or do we start looking at medium format lenses and start working out their true equivalent focal length on the FF sensor and then extrapolate this back to aps-c sensor to get the equivalent of medium format on aps-c based on the FF sensor "standard". What fun!

A "standard" does not have to be the largest, or the smallest.

It is simply an arbitrary measurement chosen, with all others referenced to it. The linear foot is iis used as a standard yet we also have inches and miles. The standard is normally the most commonly used measurement, which I suppose was why the 35mm film size is called "full frame." It certainly was more common than anything larger or smaller at the dawn of the digital age.

To cap it off it is possible to adapter medium Format lenses on to aps-c? Or am I simply being mentally lazy again ....

I don't see why not.

I know that adapters are made to use medium format lenses on M4/3 cameras. Just like you can use APSC lenses or FF lenses on cameras with smaller sensors. Naturally, you would only be using the central portion of the lens, so the effective focal length would get longer when a lens designed for a larger format is used on a smaller one.

110mm Hassleblad lens on M4/3 camera

Whenever you use a lens designed for a larger format on a smaller sensor, you effectively increase perceived focal length. Whenever you use a lens designed for a smaller format on a larger one you induce vignetting, since you cannot cover the sensor with the image circle produced.

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