Just in case people are interested in the metabones adapter 111 and a7r

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Re: More on how it interacted with the lens

Fredy Ross wrote:

Tom yes I handheld it and the af worked as you can see pretty good. Wouldn't do it again as you said I am too small and too old but wanted to try the metabones with all my canon lenses. Still the af was quicker than with the DO 70-300mm. I had to use a remote control with that lens set to 2 seconds. It is winter and it was raining so I got curious what I could take from home. As I bought the camera for scenery the remote will come in handy and I will have 2 lenses 24-300mm for that.I have a jeep so don't have to carry heavy equipment and with spring coming I hope to take a lot of scenery. Hope you had a nice weekend.

( I must admit as yet I can't see the big difference I expected to see between the Nex 6 and the A7r except for low light. I also haven't printed anything to compare. If I were younger I would wait for the 3rd full frame model for a faster af.

Nice to see that you are clicking away still Fredy, I think you do well.  I have had a Canon 5D since not long after they became available and have two Canon aps-c dslr bodies as well.  If I use them all together on "a shoot" it is reasonably hard to tell which camera took which image afterwards.  OF course I can work it out but there is no "dramatic" difference.

If I had a choice between FF and apc-c then I would pick FF of course but I doubt if the Canon and Nikon aps-c dslr camera body sales are going to die a sudden death simply because Sony has made a Mirrorless with FF sensor.

In other words FF is obviously better, but not as much as some of the hoopla has suggested.

I am not making the jump to the A7 type - my NEX6 and some focal reducers will keep my Canon EF lenses more than happy.  My latest toy is the smallest of the small - a Panasonic GM1 with "only" a M4/3 sensor.  Quite a capable little thing, but I am still learning, been learning for a long time now

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