1.4 / 58 hast just been tested on Lenstip

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Re: list of the other reviews - all of them tell more or less the same:

benjaminblack wrote:

These forums are losing value. They're filled with envious onlookers who resent working professionals. The 58 is a tool. If you need a tool for your job, you get it, you use it. If it's unsatisfactory, you dispose of it, and get something that does the job. It's really as simple as that.

A small group of professional who use the 58 as a tool in their kit have formed communities on the web. Communities where envy and bias do not play a role. In these communities you can share your own results. Those are the results that matter. I trust the experiences of men and women who use this lens in the field, not in labs:




seriously people, what are you basing your statements on? "These forums are losing value. They're filled with envious onlookers who resent working professionals." - where did you take that information from? is this your ruminated idea out of nothing?

All the lenses are tools. Simple as that.

Re: small communities. This concept is very dangerous. First of all, do you really think that devoted Nikon user especially from the "special community" will have unbiased opinion about his/her newly acquired expensive lens? Don't be so naive. Unless this lens would fill the purpose to create some kind of "photog masonry" which is a ridiculous idea. I suggest to look at the whole think from the company's angle, it's not about this lens, it's about the Nikon's strategies and production generally. I haven't seen any samples from new Fuji 56/1.2, but almost sure that it will smoke this Nikon 58 out even on crop sensor and I'm only speculating basing on the Fuji activity last few years, and most likely I am going to be right.

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